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Manual / Automatic Lessons

Magum Automatic / Manual cars

First before you start taking lessons, you must decide which type of driving suits you best. Cars are equipped with one of two types of gearbox: 'Manual' or 'Automatic'. 

Both of these terms refer to the use of the gearbox while driving with the manual being operated by the driver and the automatic being controlled by the car.

At Magnum we now only offer lessons with a manual gearbox and have discontinued our lessons for automatic cars.

Clearly the automatic is the easier to learn, as there is in effect less to learn. However there are advantages and disadvantages to both while learning, and afterwards once you have your driving licence.

The main disadvantage for the Automatic is that you can only drive an automatic car and need to retake your test to be able to drive a vehicle with a manual gear box. If you pass in a Manual you can however drive an automatic vehicle. The other disadvantages are that of cost. Virtually all driving schools will charge more for Automatic lessons as the cars cost more and use more fuel. Similarly this is something to consider after you pass your test as far fewer cars are automatic and they always cost more than the manual versions of the same vehicle. Running costs are higher.

Set this aside that Automatics are easier to learn in. You will probably need more lessons if you are learning Manual control, but they are cheaper per hour.

In conclusion it's a judgement call. The majority of people that drive pass on manual and we would recommend this. If however you're not confident that you will get the hang of manual controls then automatic is a perfect choice.

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